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429 Years of Craftsmanship

Our staff is our family.

They all are masters of their craft, and we appreciate many years of their loyalty to our company.

“We work together from morning till night. There is no management office in our workshop – all rooms are open for everyone. We labor together, we pray together, and we share common principles and beliefs. Our skills and experience are improving every year.”

The example we all follow is the father of our family, who has been crafting Judaica for over 60 years. He set a very high standard of quality when he established our company, and we take great care to ensure that every new item that bears the Bier mark fully meets this high standard.

Our Staff

It occurred to us once that if one summed up the experience of all our staff in years, the resulting sum would reflect the experience of the entire company.

Today it is 429 years.

We cannot tell how much we are proud of this figure. Every year means hard work and growing skills of each and every one of us.