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Who. Where. When

The history begins in Israel in 1950

Our family workshop was founded in Jerusalem by the father of the family Jizchak Bier over 50 years ago. Jizchak Bier graduated the Bezalel Academy of Art and in establishing the workshop was also the establishing of a new concept in Judaica Art. There were almost no Jewish silversmiths after the holocaust and there was a need to fill the demand for silver religious items at that time. Jizchak Bier won a special prize for an extraordinary Chanukia (Chanukah Menorah) which he designed. Thus was launched Bier Enterprises.

Jizchak Bier

A tradition, like fine wine, gets only better with time

Most Bier designs are original designs of Jizchak Bier and always taken into account are beauty of form and comfort of use. While over the years many new lines and designs have come to be part of Bier’s repertoire many of the older classic designs remain bestsellers to this day. His sons Mordechai and Meir followed in their father’s footsteps and together ensure excellence and craftsmanship.

No-compromise handmade

Everything at Bier Judaica is handmade using different silversmithing techniques: metal cutting, bending, metal spinning, lost wax casting, hammering. The silversmith can create almost every design that is imaginable using these techniques, materials and his knowledge and skills.
Bier classic designs make use of bible verses, original decorative lettering and ornaments related to Jewish customs and folklore. The Jerusalem of Gold motif is just one example of these ornaments. We are constantly adding new additions to our wide range.

No-compromise handmade

Wonderful quality requires the very highest level of customer service

Our silver Judaica is known all over the world for its unique design, wonderful quality and finish – and on top of all it is our excellent service. We are sure that you too will find Bier designs to suit your needs and taste. That is why Bier Judaica items become heirlooms to pass on from generation to generation.

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