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Unique Designs

Not every Judaica crafter can bring something new into the tradition. There is an objective reason for this: silver Judaica is a traditional art. However, some design ideas of Jizchak Bier combine both the classical style and unusual shapes or designs. Please look at this washing cup: this is where tradition and fantasy meet. This item can adorn any interior. It will catch your eye with its unusual shape but will still be within the bounds of the classical style and in harmony with other Judaica items in your house.

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Washing Cup


Sometimes it is the item itself that is unusual: for example, a silver bookmark. There are books that do deserve a silver bookmark. If you are a lucky owner of such books, silver bookmarks will be a great buy! A bookmark may also be a beautiful and useful gift as every Jewish family has books.

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New shapes, new techniques, new design ideas: we keep expanding and updating our Judaica catalog. You will certainly find something you will like. If you need something specific, not just unusual, but unique, please place a custom order with us. We will be happy to craft any Judaica item, even a highly unconventional one.

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